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All the answers to the questions you're asking yourself :

What payment options do I have?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.
How do I know what size I should order?
Check you size on our Size guide page 
Do you accept exchanges?
Yes we can exchange you products if you are not satisfied. You can contact us directly by email at and we will repond within 24h to 48h with the procedure.
For other question regarding shipping and returns you can read our Shipping & Return page
Do you have a retail store ?
We are sold in several beautiful boutiques all over the US and Canada. You can check the closest store near you with the store locator.
Is your website secure?

Our online security system is built for your protection and is one of the safest in the industry.  We continually enhance our systems to ensure your shopping protection and satisfaction.No credit card information is retained after a transaction is completed and all personal or email information is used for internal business purposes only.

What currency will I be charged in?

We have for currencies available online : USD; CAD; EUR; JPY. All the other currencies will be charged from USD

How to use a promo code?
If you want to use the promo codes in place you can do you shopping as usual go to your cart when your done and then you will be able to apply the promo code in the coupon section at checkout.
Is my personal information kept private?

Yes, we guarantee that all personal data will be kept private and confidential. We will never give out any of your personal data without your authorization.

Questions about our Fur Products

Where do your furs come from?

Many of our furs are sourced from Canada and the United States. Most of our furs are sourced from established and regulated auctions such as NAFA and Saga furs. Here's the origin of our most used sinks :

- Fox : Saga fur Finland
- Beaver : Canada
- Mink : Usa or Denmark
- Sable : Russia
- Chinchilla : Canada
Where are your products made?
All our fur products are made in Canada. They are hand crafted in our atelier in Montreal.
Why should I choose real fur?

Real fur is much more breathable than other materials, such as synthetic faux fur. It provides warmth that can’t be rivaled by other fibers – natural or synthetic. Natural fur looks exceptional; the sheen and texture cannot be duplicated, despite many efforts. Real fur is also eco-friendly; it’s sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It is much more efficient; it takes 3x as much energy to produce faux fur as it does real fur.

Which fur is warmest?

All furs are going to provide excellent warmth, but long haired beaver and long hair mink is known to be two of the warmest furs. Fur is one of the best insulators, which is why it’s used so much in outerwear. Any fur is extremely warm and will keep you toasty warm during those cold winter months.

Does fur shed?

Fur is a natural product and you may see some shedding. This is similar to any new garment like a new hooded sweater or a fresh pair of socks, where the new items shed the excess fibers. We would suggest shaking your new item out and releasing any loose guard hairs that may have come out during the shipping process. From there all or most shedding should subside.

Will my fur get damaged if it comes in contact with snow or rain?

Light rain or snow will not harm your fur. Fur products is meant to withstand winter weather such as snow or sleet, but should not be exposed to heavy rain fall and should not be submerged in water. Light rain or snow will not harm your fur, damp fur can be air dried to restore its natural beauty.

Know more about how to take good care of your fur coat in our latest blog post

What is sheared fur?

Shearing fur is to trim the long guard hairs to showcase the soft underfur of the animal. Shearing gives a product a different look and softer feel. The most commonly sheared furs are beaver and mink because of just how soft their underfur is.

What fur products could I wear in summer?

Fur is a great choice for bold summer style! We would suggest choosing something more lightweight like one of our cashmere products, our shawls or even our vests.