A touch of 19th-century romance

A chic yet casual alternative to the average wool coat - style your capes and cloaks with everything from skinny jeans to leather pants and cocktail dresses.


A Magazine-Worthy Room

A fur throw blanket is an essential accessory to home decoration. They are stylemakers that add texture, color and warmth to any room.


Wolfie is a story of resilience, savoir-faire and passion passed down from generation to generation. Since 1974, we have been crafting exquisite outerwear collections using natural materials like leather, fur, cashmere and wool.  Each piece embodies the hard work of talented artisans mastering centuries-old skills.


Fur & Sustainability

Fur & Sustainability

Love fur as much as we do? Then we have good news: fur is good for the environment too! Sustainable material can be defined as those which can be put... Read More
fur vest

How to wear your fur in spring and summer

Yay, spring is finally here! Obviously you can, and probably are, wearing your fur pieces while it’s cold. But for the fur fashionistas among you, you may wander, how do I... Read More
3 Après-ski outfits for a trip to the mountain

3 Après-ski outfits for a trip to the mountain

One of the best parts of skiing? Après-ski. Even if you’re not a big skier, the après-ski experience makes a trip to the mountain worth getting dressed up for: think leggings, boots,... Read More