Wolfie Furs - Made For Generations

For over 40 years our clients have trusted Wolfie to craft premium quality furs. Combining timeless design elements, exceptional craftsmanship, and high-quality materials, Wolfie has earned their place as a trustworthy fur brand.

From humble beginnings in Europe to the promise of a new life in Canada, Wolfie Furs was born. Today, we continue to manufacture our furs at our Montreal atelier with the same attention to detail and excellence. 

As a heritage brand founded in Canada, our love of fur runs deep. We know and respect Canada’s rich fur history and have built our brand around designing fur pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. Our purpose is to design furs that are Made For Generations. 

In today’s world where fast fashion prevails, Wolfie acts as a counter movement. Providing intergenerational pieces that are designed to last a lifetime, are trend-proof, and are high-quality; we’re proud to be a fur brand worth investing in.

So, if you’re new to fur, or you’re looking to build a wardrobe of sustainable pieces that are high-quality, durable, and timeless, consider investing in a Wolfie fur. Your future daughter or son will thank you. 


Are Wolfie furs ethical?

Yes! We know that when fur enters a discussion, the number one concern is ethics. At Wolfie, we want to assure you that our furs are sustainable, renewable, and ethical. 

While faux options might seem like the better option on the surface, their use of non-renewable petroleum products that are not biodegradable makes them a harmful option.

Our furs are sourced from countries that adhere to strict rules and quotas regarding the hunting and trapping of animals for fur. These countries include Canada, the USA, Finland, Denmark, and Russia. Not only that but our furs are also handcrafted at our atelier in Montreal, Canada, where our artisans receive fair working conditions and wages. 

At Wolfie, we guarantee our clients the highest level of consumer transparency in terms of sustainability, authenticity, and animal welfare.

"Millennials are discovering what their parents and grand-parents already know; that fur is a timeless staple that continues to be coveted in the realm of fashion."
The Wolfie label embodies a quadruple promise: Canadian design, trend-proof style, designer quality and fair price. We take pride in using the highest quality furs, leathers and fabrics to create investment pieces that are durable, versatile and fit well. We guarantee our customers the highest level of consumer transparency in terms of sustainability, authenticity and animal welfare.
"Wolfie is the opposite of fast-fashion. Mindful manufacturing is at the core of our brand's values. Each fur garment is beautifully handcrafted in the most ethical way possible."