How She's Styling Four Classic Shearling Pieces

I had the privilege of playing dress up with Wolfie Furs as I styled several absolutely jaw-dropping shearling coats, vests, and jackets. A fashion lover’s dream come true. Set against the serene backdrop of a magnificent stable not too far out of Montreal, I traveled through time with each piece.



The Harley, a lightweight merino shearling moto jacket, is an everyday wear that evokes the 90s and pulls together that perfect leather look.


When I first tried on the Laura, I was immediately inspired by the rich tobacco colour. A reversible shearling coat with a hood makes it a playful piece to dress up or down.


Vests are such a great addition to any outfit. They aren’t simply an added layer of warmth; vests are a style statement. Both the Stormi—a rich vanilla long shearling—and the Dixie—a short shearling zip-up—create texture and give depth to any look.

What I love about the Stormi in particular is the dreamy quality it evokes. Like I stepped out of a scene from a period movie or something.


In contrast, the Dixie has slightly more edge to it. It can be dressed up with a skirt like I chose, or it can be a very simple throw-on piece with a denim look.


The talented artisans who craft these pieces have been at it for generation upon generation. And you can feel the skill and intention in each piece. The story goes that Wolfie’s grandmother started creating fur accessories as a side income to take care of her family. Well, her legacy lives on: Wolfie’s vision and savoir-faire are combined to create magnificent pieces, one more stunning than the next. Which is your favourite?