During this rough times, dining indoor and hosting gatherings at home may not be the safest option... But outdoor dining may be a great alternative to stay in touch (no pun indented) with your close ones during the holiday season.

Whether it's in your backyard, a park or for the lucky ones at a terrace of a restaurant, wearing the right clothes will help you enjoy those precious moments.

If you were eager to wear your best-loved and fanciest outfits, this will be the perfect occasion. Yes, outdoor dining need a little bit more preparation but we'll walk you through it.


First tip : Play with the layers

The best tips that we can give you to stay warm is to wear multiple layers. It will keep you warmer that just one heavy sweater and you'll be able to remove what you need when you'll get comfortable. You can play with the layers under your coat with warm innerwear and also on top of your coat. So don't hesitate to overlay a cashmere shawl. The best advantage of a cashmere shawl is that you can wear it in every situation. Outside of course but also at home to keep cozy and look chic during your Zoom meetings.

If you live in a sunny place but want to stay warm during chilly nights, opt for cashmere capes. Ideal piece if you like to have less layers. It will keep you warm and sophisticated. You will have the perfect look if you have to eat lunch or dinner outside.


Second tip : Wear warm accessories

At Wolfie's we not only provide you with the best fur coats, we are also making your winter a little more joyful with our fur accessories collection. Covering your hands and ears is the secret to keep your body at the right temperature. From rex rabbit and leather gloves (they are so soft!) to fox fur neck-warmers and headbands, every parts of your body will stay warm as you enjoy a great dinner or a cup of tea outside with your friends and family.

We also got you covered with the best fur blankets. Throw them on your knees and rest assured to remain comfortable and chic at all times. 


Third tip (and the most important of all) : Wear the right fur coat

If you don't use the first tip and don't like to wear multiple layers, the best advice is to wear a real fur coats. There's nothing comparable to a fur coat. It will undeniably give you the chicest allure. Real fur coats retains the body heat better than any other fabrics. And you can have so many options! Read our previous post about how to chose the right fur coat for and I can definitely tell you that you will find your happiness at Wolfie's. From classic black mink coats to colorful fox fur short jackets, we provide garment for all body types, age and styles. 

Enjoy your diners and stay safe!

*Erica cashmere cape featured in the picture


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