Winter can certainly be one of the most magical times of the year to get married. Color palette of bright whites and moody reds, paired with lush greenery, just scream winter elegance, not to mention the incredible photos you can get amongst the falling snow. But winter brides are often faced with a certain style dilemma—showing off a beautiful dress while still staying warm. And while there is no shortage of beautiful dresses with long sleeves out there, sometimes they don’t always make the cut on the warmth factor. 

While you might be saying "I do" in cold weather, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. To protect against cold weather, invest in a bridal shawl or wrap to wear on your wedding dayFrom fur wraps to fur or cashmere capes, you'll find at Wolfie fur cozy, simple (and functional) accessories to make your wedding outfit winter-appropriate. To help you complete your winter bridal look, we've rounded up our favorite wedding shawls and wrap alternatives, like stoles and capelets, that'll keep you warm on your big day.

* MARY mink fur wrap

Colorwise you have several options. You can stick with whites, off whites and clear color to match your wedding gowns. If this is your wish you can chose one of our lovely white mink furs. They are so incredibly soft, will add a final touch to your look on your wedding day.

In terms of style we also have different options from a thin discreet wrap with our SOPHIE style to a more stately fur capelet such as our JAJA style.

Stepping away from the winter whites and vanillas, we also offer various brown tones including, chocolate, caramel, touches of black. The lovely AVA cape will be versatile for your big day and many occasions long after the wedding as well.

Fur accessories are also an option to keep the cold away, and lucky you Wolfie fur also have accessories that can match your wedding dress. If you considered to wear a light shawl on your shoulder, you can add a nice neckwarmer to your outfit. Easy to put on and to remove once the party is moving on inside. 

If you're not tempted by a full furry piece, Wolfie fur also got you covered (no pun intended). You can have a look to our cashmere cape collection where you'll found a selection of different styles. If you have a Petite silhouette or a ball gown wedding dress, we recommend our HARPER cape. It's short and will compliment your outfit in the best way possible. If you have a slicker type of dress, the PAMI style will look amazing. 

And what about the bridesmaids ? They will be out with you during the photo sessions and the ceremony. For them, we offer a collection of cashmere shawls with a touch of fur in very wide color palette to match their dresses so your girls won't be shivering during the ceremony. It also doesn't hurt to ask your venue what temperature they keep their event space, just to have that info tucked away in the back of your mind.

All the items and more are available on our Wedding collection page. You'll find here the pieces listed on this articles and more. All of them are available in a palette of clear colors (white, vanilla, cream...) so you can look your on the best day of your life.

* EMILY stole is featured on the top picture.


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